4 Tips for more conscious and sustainable shoe choices

4 Tips for more conscious and sustainable shoe choices

4 Tips for more conscious and sustainable shoe choices

The topics of the moment are Conscious Fashion and Sustainable Fashion, but how do you actually adhere to this trend in your closet without getting rid of everything, and never stop buying new shoes? Here are four helpful tips on how to be more conscious in your shopping, choosing the right shoe for your style, providing versatility and that fits in your pocket.

1 - Choose for shoes that make the difference in your closet

Is it your goal to buy in a conscious way, right? Therefore, you need to analyze what you already have in your closet before you buy a new pair of shoes. If you have shoes in black or brown, how about investing in a different color like the nude? If you change the color of the shoe, the result of the product will already be another, but still will maintain the versatility since the nude matches everything. Do you prefer more classic shoes? Okay, but opt for shoes that have some striking feature that sets you apart from the ones you already have at home.

2- Remove the shoes from your closet that you no longer use

Is the shoe worn, broken or, it is just uncomfortable, but you cannot get rid of it? Get rid of shoes! It is no use having a closet full of shoes being that you always use the same ones. In addition to creating shelf space, you will be more assertive when choosing new products. Besides, you can donate what you do not want any more by doing a good deed. Alternatively, you can organize a bazaar with your friends and raise money for your new eco-conscious fashion acquisitions.

3- Choose quality shoes that promote comfort

It is no use of buying a beautiful shoe, but that is not comfortable. Or choose for a shoe just for the benefit of the cost and not for the quality and finish; the result of these choices will be a shoe that will not last long in your closet, and this has nothing to do with fashion conscious. Nowadays, it is very easy for you to choose a heeled shoe that is beautiful and comfortable at the same time, you just need to make more assertive choices, opting for brands that excel for comfort, your first well-being.

4- Invest in your own style first

The more you invest in your style, the less you spend on shoes that have nothing to do with you. Being aware of fashion trends and having a versatile closet is important to your self-esteem because you renew and reinvent yourself. However, be careful not to become a hostage of fleeting trends that you will only use for a season and then go to the bottom of the closet. Prefer to use the prints of the moment in more classic models, and when the model is a more daring trend opt for colors that are more neutral. Then, if you really like the trend you can invest in something bolder then.

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